When you decide the best solution, to satisfy your skills requirement, is a permanent or fix term arrangement, then our approach to career placements should be considered.

We will work with you to determine your specific needs, and we will identify, screen and coordinate interaction and communication until you find the specific person that will fit your position and organisation culture.

Whilst we cannot guarantee that a person is available for your specific needs, if the person is out there, we will locate that person, and arrange all further interaction on your behalf.

We have an extended database and network of skills, and we use the latest technology to harvest from the internet cloud those job seekers who are interested and satisfies the position criteria.


Career Placements

focused effort

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Need to ensure you get of on the right footing on the next project...
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Our skills

  1. BulletProject Managers

  2. BulletSolution Architects

  3. BulletSolution Implementers

  4. BulletDevelopers

  5. BulletAcceptance Specialists

  6. BulletTraining Specialists

  7. BulletTechnical Specialist

IT Project management

Success is in the planning
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We work with you to properly understand your requirements

We identify, screen and coordinate the best candidates

You select the best candidate that fits your criteria and culture


Need advice on how to approach a project
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outsourced skills

You need a specific skill or expert for a period, but you cannot justify another position
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orion projects
ORION focus on a set of projects which we can bring value to
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We underwrite the candidate for up to 3 months

Quality Assurance
We develop a specific offering for large scale service provider projects ..
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