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IT Planning & Strategy concentrating on using methodologies appropriate to a client's specific requirements together with the involvement of the executive line management, preferably without removing them from their day-to-day duties. Product examples are IT Strategy, Master Information Systems Plan and Preplanning Workshops.

Turnkey Projects involve overall responsibility by ORION for an IT project including management and subcontractor procurement. These projects are often subject to bonus or penalty clauses and are performed within a fixed time and cost period.

Strategically Aligned Customer/ORION Teams see ORION as an extension to the customer's IT capability through team leadership roles. Strategically aligned teams are based at the client's premises to increase the IT capability within the customer's organisation and to provide additional staff during project peaks.


Orion Projects

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Our services

  1. BulletProject and Program Management

  2. BulletContract Management

  3. BulletBusiness Process Reengineering

  4. BulletBusiness Analysis

  5. BulletSystems Analysis

  6. BulletDesign and Development

  7. BulletSolution Implementation

  8. BulletProject Support services

  9. BulletConfiguration and Change Management

  10. BulletSystem Acceptance and Integration Testing

  11. BulletPerformance and Systems Integration Testing

  12. BulletIT Organisation and methodology Consulting

  13. BulletSolution Training

  14. BulletMethodology Training

  15. BulletAcceptance Training

IT Project management

Success is in the planning
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Planning and Strategy for Projects

Delivering Turnkey projects

Strategically Aligned Teams


Need advice on how to approach a project
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outsourced skills

You need a specific skill or expert for a period, but you cannot justify another position
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career placements

When you make the decision to employee or contract directly
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We develop a specific offering for large scale service provider projects ..
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