We all know that we need to keep certain skills on-board all the time, either because we have a permanent or long term need, or because our need for the skill is so irregular and urgent that we cannot survive without those skills immediately at hand. Those people you recruit and add to the organigram.

The most effective way to address your short term needs and to staff projects are to use outsourced skills. Our model allows you to either outsource a specific set of work, or where you cannot isolate the specific set of work, we can supply skilled resources to work within your projects to overcome your shortages.

We also work with many partners, sometimes supplying them with resources, and on others they supply us with specific skills.

Yes, the brain drain is not a myth, but the reality is that the skills shortage in South Africa is very real. Working with less than qualified skills is good for the development of the skill, but it is highly risky for all project management. When the plan is formulated, we do not really think we will have to use unqualified resources.

We believe the outsourced model also allow the resource to specialise even further, as long as there is a demand for the skill. This means that all the learning, from various projects and situations, are available to apply.

Because the resource can focus on a passion, they generally accelerate their careers in a technical direction, and earn at a level where they are reasonably satisfied, and can focus on the work at hand, skipping the internal company issues.



Outsourcing benefits

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