Corporate and Government entities regularly engage service providers to provide them with ICT solutions, typically in a contract for delivery and support over a multiyear duration. The typical proposal and award process can span a long time with many interaction, culminating in a contract to be executed.

The buyer needs to ensure that the contract is delivered and expectations are meet, whilst the vendor need to ensure they satisfy the contractual obligation and achieve their target profitability by not overrunning in costs or by acquiring extensions to the project.

These projects are typically very large and require strong management and controls to ensure success. It requires a maturity in terms of vendor management, following proper procurement regulations, but also a maturity and capability inside the project to ensure all interaction points are properly managed. This is where Quality Assurance can play a major role.


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There is a typical misconception about what QA does or is, and this misconception mostly comes from not distinguishing between the organisation structure and the process, both carrying the same name. Typically QA as an entity is synonymous with such elements as documentation standards, and have a bad name in the industry because they do not contribute towards the success, but rather is just another hurdle to overcome. Lets do it, and get it over with.

In reality the QA process is an approach to ensure success, rather than compliance. However, this requires an approach where we allow QA to improve the work processes, and we accept their wisdom and guidance. So QA is really about understanding current processes, and ensuring they will deliver the expected outcomes, and if not, then improve the process and ensure the newer process is implemented and followed.