ORION is a service provider to the corporate IT world in South Africa. Our blend of experience and customer commitment has delivered results since 1997.

ORION sees a future where our people help customers accurately define their needs and where we help build innovative and creative solutions for those challenging business problems.


the ORION business foundation

Drive cost per skill down using our Outsourced Skills

Project Managers who can manage the percentages for a better result

Use our Career Placements when your slice of the cake is growing


who can we help

  1. BulletYou need some specialised IT skills for a short period

  2. BulletYou need some professionals to enhance your workforce

  3. BulletYou need some strong project management to drive multiparty vendor teams

outsourced skillsOutsourced_Skills.html

Offload your payroll cost using our outsourced skills just when you need them

IT project 

We use age old engineering project management for an IT environment that cannot be seen as engineering anymore

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